Whether you’re preparing for a performance or an audition, you want your makeup to look the best it can under those stage lights! Follow these tips to learn how to make your stage makeup look better.

It Starts With Skin Care

The number one way to make your stage makeup look better for your next performance is to make your skincare a priority in your morning and nighttime routine. Look at your current routine and try to determine if your habits are sabotaging your skin health.

Eating a clean diet also ensures your skin health is in tip-top shape. You can eat many foods that keep your skin clear, like green leafy vegetables, berries, and protein. 

Quality Matters

There are lots of options you can choose from when purchasing stage makeup. But what matters is the quality of the brand you buy. There’s a reason why many stage makeup brands are popular in the performing arts industry: the quality of their products.

Sure, buying cheaper brands may work at the moment, but you’re sacrificing quality over the price tag. If you’re looking for stage makeup that lasts under those harsh lights, go for higher-quality makeup that will look great on any stage!

Using the Right Tools

Make sure you’re using clean brushes, sponges, and wands. If you don’t regularly clean your makeup tools, they gather grime and bacteria that you’re wiping all over your face when you go to use them the next time. Take care of your applicators by cleaning them at least twice a week with warm water and soap.

All About Application

Performing on stage is an art, but unfortunately, the stage lights can drown out your facial features if you’re not wearing enough makeup. When applying your stage makeup, accentuate your features. 

When applying foundation, make sure it evenly matches your skin tone and apply it to your skin using a clean, damp sponge so the product goes on smoothly. Take extra care that your foundation blends into your hairline and neck; you wouldn’t want your audience to see where the foundation stops!

When it comes to stage makeup, more is better. Make sure to add contour, blush, and highlight. Of course, when you apply regular makeup, you may swipe once or twice for your blush. But when applying stage makeup, you’ll need to use at least four to five layers of blush for your face to look defined under the lights.

However, remember that there is no need to go overboard on your makeup unless your performance is themed. Try to keep it natural, with a focus on your beautiful features!

Now that you know how to make your stage makeup look better, you’re ready to rock your next performance!

Aug 12, 2021

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