Dance is your passion, and you would love to dance all day long. But what do you do on those days the studio is closed or you don’t have class? How do you get your dancing fix for the day? Here are five ways to stay dancing outside the studio.

So when the studio is closed here is how you can dance outside the dance studio:

  1. Join a Dance Team
  2. Work-study at a local Studio
  3. Try a Zumba Class
  4. Search out a new style
  5. Improv it out

Do you have a couple more seconds? Yes... Alright let's explore each one real quick.

Join a Dance Team

Perhaps one of the best ways to dance outside of the studio is to join a dance team. Whether it is your high school dance team or a local dance troupe, it will be an awesome new experience and you will meet new people. Check out our article about Dance Team to learn more.

Work-study at a local Studio

Thinking of becoming a dance teacher or working in a study someday? Taking on a work-study at your studio or another local studio will allow you the opportunity to see what happens “behind the scenes.” Work-studies vary but often include assisting younger classes which allows you more chances to dance.

Try a Zumba Class

Want to have fun and break a sweat too? Zumba is definitely a must try for all dancers. While it can be overwhelming at first, you will catch on to the combinations quickly and remember why you dance.
Pro- tip: Have a YMCA membership? Most YMCAs offer Zumba for free.

Search out a new style

Expand your horizons and try a new style of dance. Grab a friend and check out your local ballroom studio or look for local dances. Many churches and community groups will host free swing dancing and line dancing events. These opportunities allow you to expand your variety.

Improv it out

You don’t always need a structured class or group to dance. Improv is a great way to explore different shapes and movement consistency. Challenge yourself by improving in various locations from your bedroom to your backyard.
Pro-tip: videotape yourself and reference those tapes later when you are trying to come up with choreography.

Jan 9, 2019

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