How do you get your leg extensions to a higher level

We’ve asked 100 dancers in our More Than Dancers™ community that are 4, 5, and 6s
some advice and tips for people who are trying to get their leg extensions to a higher level from a dancers perspective rather than a teacher!

What is your advice for others to continue improving their extensions? What stretches, activities, etc worked for you?

So, how do you get your leg extensions to a higher level?

Here is a summary of what they had to say to get your leg extensions to a higher level:

  1. Stretch extension while standing and then let go to strengthen holding your leg
  2. Do splits on the wall
  3. Stretch everyday
  4. Do pilates
  5. Push yourself while stretching
  6. Foam roll before stretching
  7. Always have a positive attitude
  8. Set a goal you’re working towards, don’t just stretch to stretch
  9. Never give up
  10. Use stretchers like a therapy band *was it our last giveaway*
  11. Do splits, needle, and Y standing stretch
  12. Stretch your hips
  13. Strengthen core
  14. Do kicks front and Side
  15. Do wall middle splits
  16. Know that there will be an end result and you will reach your goals but you have
    to start
  17. Have a positive mindset
  18. Practice balance

Which tip is your favorite?

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5-6-7-8 Lego!

Aug 1, 2019

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