How Do You Balance School And Dance?

A couple months ago, we gave you our tips for balancing dance and school. This time, we asked our dance community who experiences this struggle almost, if not, every day. So if you’re stressed about how you’re going to balance dance classes and school work, you came to the right place! These are our dance community’s tips for balancing school and dance.

  1. Homeschool 

Homeschool allows dancers to work at their own pace and do school when they have the time. By being homeschooled, they can also work on schoolwork almost anywhere. Homeschool can also allow parents to pick and choose curriculum.


  1. Online school 

A little bit different from homeschool, online school is simply school online. This way, parents don’t have to sort through curriculum or do a bunch of planning. And online school still give dancers the freedom of doing school when they have the time.


  1. Getting school work done during breaks at dance 

Surely every dancer will have a break at some point in their dance schedule. This may mean doing your homework while you’re eating a snack, dinner, or even stretching (but don’t over stretch). Homework may not be super fun, but it has to get done! 


  1. Working hard in school so you don’t have anything to finish at home

One of the advantages to finishing your work at school is your teacher(s) is/are right there! This way if you need any help or have any questions, your teacher(s) is/are there to help you. And if you can’t get your work done during class, there’s always lunch and/or study hall.


Doesn’t our dance community have the best advice? We hope these tips and tricks help you to balance your school and dance life. For more tips and tricks, make sure to check out our other article: 5 Tips To Balance Dance And School. And thank you to our lovely dance community for helping contribute to this article:






By: AJ (Intern)

Oct 15, 2021

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