As artists, dancers have acquired skills over time that give them unique opportunities
to help those in need. If you want to know how dancers can give back to the community, keeping reading to find out what you can do to lend a helping (jazz) hand. 

Have a Donation Drive at the Studio

Everyone remembers in school when you did a canned food drive. Well, why not do one at your dance studio? Reach out to the owner of your studio to see if they would be interested in doing a canned food drive among the dancers. 

If you don’t want food in the studio, you could also do drives for school supplies or holiday presents. Not to mention, donating important hygiene products can have an immediate positive impact on your community. The point is that there are many people in need, and if your studio is in a position where it can help, go for it! 

Charity Shows

Benefit shows are a great fundraising tool to raise a lot of money in a few hours. As a dancer, you’re probably always looking for an opportunity to perform. So, why not throw a show yourself that makes a difference? You get to do what you love with the purpose of giving back. Donating a portion or all your ticket sales is a simple way to give back. 

However, you could make a more significant impact with a silent auction for the audience or offering some experience in exchange for a donation, like letting an audience member participate in an ensemble moment. 

Teach Free Lessons for Underprivileged Kids

Dance classes aren’t cheap, and there are many kids out there with a passion for dance that can’t participate because of financial restrictions. These children shouldn’t have to miss out for reasons out of their control, and as a dancer, you are uniquely qualified to help them. Consider reaching out to a local Boys and Girls Club or similar non-profit to see if they would be interested in partnering with you to offer classes. 

If you’re a part of a studio, they probably wouldn’t mind hosting the classes (they can write off the lost room rental time on their taxes). If you don’t have a studio to use, though, a local community center might rent a space at a discount if you explain the circumstances.

Now that you know several ways for how dancers can give back to the community, nothing is stopping you from making a positive local impact.

Aug 25, 2021

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