ou are unsure what the future holds, but you know you want to be dancing because it is your passion. You also know that the dance world is highly competitive in terms of professional careers. However, you also know that there is a spot for everyone in the dance world. So, how do you expand your horizons and future in the dance world?

Become Multifaceted. Today’s industry requires dancers to be versed in not only many styles of dance but also in fields related to dance. For this reason, many dancers pursue acting and singing lessons to make themselves more marketable. However, being multifaceted can mean various things. For example, maybe you have a passion for photography. Combining your love of dance with photography means you have an extra skill in your pocket and can also lead to more opportunities.

Take in New Experiences. You have grown up a “competition-kid” and absolutely love to compete and attend conventions; however, you have not yet experienced summer intensives or winter programs. As a dancer, it is important to get experience in a variety of atmospheres as it will lead to new growth, but also it may show you a part of the dance world you did not know about. Having opportunities, like summer intensives, allows you to see even more potential dance professions.

Network. The dance world is a small place and chances are the person competing against you will be your colleague someday. It is important to begin networking and building positive relationships between you and your peers. This could be as simple as connecting through social media.

Educate Yourself. Dance has a rich and complex history. If you plan to pursue a career in the field it is important to be educated on it. A simple google search on the general styles of dance will give you plenty of reading material and knowledge.

Pursue Programs. If there is a certain program or company you would like to be a part of someday, it is important that you actively pursue them and their programming. If they are hosting a master class, try to attend. If they have a summer program, audition for it. Get in touch with someone who works there to help build relationships and connections. Even if you don’t end up there in the end, the experience of pursuing the program will teach you how to pursue other interests.

Jan 19, 2019

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