Dancer Things: Part 6

Make sure to read our previous articles of Dancer Things: Parts 1-5. Now, without further ado, here is Part 6!

  1. Dance Problems: When someone takes your spot at the barre.

  1. You Know You’re A Dancer When…toe, ball, heel.

  1. Dance Problems: Itchy costumes.

  1. You Know You’re A Dancer When…you tap dance when you get nervous.

  1. Thanks To Dance: I’ve stopped saying “I can't do that” and started saying “I will be able to do that, just give me some time to practice.”

  1. You Know You’re A Dancer When…you get back from rehearsal and you are too tired to sleep.

  1. Thanks To Dance: I don’t give up when things are tough.

  1. Dance Problems: Everyone looks at you like you’re insane when you try to talk about dance.

  1. You Know You’re A Dancer When…you watch a dance movie and afterwards you just want to get up and dance.

  1. Dance Problems: Those days where everyone in class has the giggles.

Well, how many did you relate to? Did we miss any? And make sure to follow our social media @more_than_dancers for more dance-related content!

Sources used:

By: AJ (Intern)

Feb 10, 2023

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