Dancer Things: Part 5

Wow! There are just so many things only dancers will understand. From itchy costumes to feeling sore all the time, dancers are simply put, different from all other athletes. So here is Dancer Things: Part 5.

  1. Dance Problems: Not being naturally flexible.

  1. You Know You’re A Dancer When…you’ve danced your entire life, yet you still get nervous in the wings.

  1. Dance Problems: Having your favorite step taken out of the dance.

  1. Thanks To Dance: I love to perform in front of thousands but I hate to present to my class.

  1. Dance Problems: The ridiculous way your hair looks after you take your hair out of a bun.

  1. You Know You’re A Dancer When…every handrail you see is transformed into a barre.

  1. Dance Problems: Standing there awkwardly as your teacher decides what to do next.

Oh so relatable! Raise your hand if you related to these too. And follow our social media @more_than_dancers for more relatable dance content. Also, this is a Part 5, so go check out Parts 1-4 if you haven't already!

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By: AJ (Intern)

Jan 13, 2023

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