Dancer Things: Part 4

It’s crazy how relatable these things are to dancers and how no one else may ever experience these things. Today we bring you, dancer things: part 4! And make sure to check out parts 1-3 for more relatable dancer things.

  1. Dance Problems: “I did a dance to this!”

  1. Thanks To Dance: I always win while playing Just Dance at parties.

  1. Dance Problems: Finding bobby pins in your hair even though you swore you got them all.

  1. Thanks To Dance: I don’t remember what not being sore feels like.

  1. Dance Problems: Trying to go to the bathroom with a leotard and tights on.

  1. You Know You’re A Dancer When…rehearsing with your costume for the first time.

So, how many did you relate to? What other dancer-related experiences have you had? And make sure to follow our social media @more_than_dancers for more relatable dance content.

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By: AJ (Intern)

Dec 2, 2022

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