Every performer knows that what they do on stage isn’t the only thing that makes them a good performer. It’s essential to take care of yourself both on and offstage. 

Learn what you can do to better your health and performance. Here are seven surprising activities that may be damaging your skin.

Setting Makeup With Hairspray

It may sound easy to spritz some hairspray on your hair and face and call it a day. But this could be damaging your skin more than you think!

Hairspray tends to dry out the hair and inevitably has the same effect on your face, causing premature wrinkles and more breakouts. Switch to a gentle makeup setting spray to keep your beautiful makeup in place! 

Popping Pimples

It may be tempting to pop it to make it go away, but that’s the worst thing you can do for a pimple.

When you pop a pimple, you’re irritating it and spreading the bacteria across your skin, bringing on more painful spots and scars.

Instead of popping it, try applying Benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to it and leave it alone. Taking effective action right away will allow it to heal faster.

Exfoliating Too Often

You may be damaging your skin by exfoliating too much. When you do it sparingly, exfoliating is great for your skin, but frequent exfoliation causes your skin to dry out easily! Limit your exfoliation to two times a week, and moisturize afterward!

Waiting Too Long To Change Your Sheets

Most people wait months to finally change their bedsheets, which sounds gross if you think about it. Waiting that long can promote bacteria growth. Eek!

Try washing and replacing your sheets at least once a week to keep healthy skin. Nothing beats the feeling of lying in clean sheets after a nice warm shower.

Overeating Junk Food

It may be tempting to stop at McDonald’s after a long night of rehearsal but try your best to make something at home! Your diet can affect your skin. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to stay healthy on and offstage.

Sleeping With Makeup On

Sleeping with your makeup on is a major culprit of skin damage because it traps all the dirt and bacteria you gathered throughout the day, especially if you had to wear a lot of makeup for a performance.

Each night before you go to sleep, thoroughly remove your makeup, and cleanse your face to promote healthy skin.


There are lots of pros and cons to swimming in chlorine vs. saltwater pools. Swimming in a pool with too much chlorine is harsh on your skin. There are several reasons why someone may install a saltwater pool, one of which is it’s better on your skin than chlorine. 

When you get out of the pool, rinse off right away to rid your skin of the harsh chemicals!

Our daily habits directly impact our skin, so we must do our part to be mindful of how our activities affect our skin. Now that you know the seven surprising activities that may be damaging your skin, try your best to change them to have healthy skin!

Sep 22, 2021

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