6 Ways To Get Ready For Back-To-School (And Dance)

Summer is almost over, can you believe it?! We can't! Of course, with dance classes starting up again, that also means school is starting up again. Ugh! So here at More Than Dancers, we have come up with 6 ways for you to get back into routine for both school and dance.

  1. Pack your bags

Make sure you have your backpack for school ready to go, as well as your dance bag. Especially if you have to get to the studio right after school.

  1. Stretch/ Work-out

Some of you probably either took a break from working-out, or maybe, you just had a more relaxed stretching routine. Well, it’s time to get back to your A-game!

  1. Eat healthy

Whether it was vacationing or simply grabbing a quick bite to eat, it’s time to get back to eating healthy, or healthier. At least, most of the time, right? ;)

  1. Have a good sleep schedule

No one goes to bed at 2 AM and easily wakes up at 6 AM! Remember to get to bed at a decent time so you’re well rested for school and dance.

  1. Pack snack(s)

Whether you have a long school day, don’t have time to go home and eat something, or you’re stuck at the studio for a few hours, pack a few snacks. Need ideas? Read our article What Snacks Should You Eat Before Dance Class? to help give you some ideas.

  1. Have fun!

This might be the most important step of all! Remember to have fun both at school, and at the studio.

Let’s make this year our best year yet! What other ways do you use to get ready for back-to-school and back-to-dance? And make sure to follow our social media @more_than_dancers for more great content like this.

By: AJ (Intern)

Aug 19, 2022

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