6 Tips For Having A Great Dance Year

If it is your first time taking dance classes this year and you’re nervous, that’s completely normal! However, if you are looking for ways to make this the best dance year yet (and relieve some nerves), we got you covered! We reached out to our dance community for advice they would give to someone starting dance this year. Here is their advice!

  1. Practice. 

Remember to practice both in dance class and at home. You may not get better overnight, but if you practice, you will see significant improvement over time.

  1. Let yourself go and don’t be nervous.

Most of the fellow dancers in your class are there to improve at dance, just like you. And if you mess up, no one’s going to remember in a week.

  1. Make new friends because dance friends are the best friends!

It’s good to have friends from both school and dance. The more the merrier!

  1. Enjoy the process!

Dance is hard work, but enjoy it. You’re becoming a better dancer and expressing yourself through movement.

  1. Love what you do, always.

If you don’t love the dance class you’re taking, try a different one. There are many styles of dance to choose from!

  1. Have fun!

It seems every dancer in our community agrees on this. Dance may be hard, but if you follow these tips, you’re going to have so much fun!

Doesn’t our dance community give the best advice? Hopefully these tips helped with some of the nerves you may have. Remember to try new moves and step outside your comfort zone, either in dance class and/or when you practice at home. And thank you to our lovely dancers for contributing to this article:




By: AJ (Intern)

Sep 17, 2021

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