6 Things Dancers Do Over The Summer

While dance season may never truly stop, dancers do need breaks once in a while. But sometimes they WOULD rather work on improving their skills over the summer. What if you’re a dancer and you don’t know what to do with your summer? We got you covered! We reached out to our dance community to answer that question:

  1. Dance intensives

Of course! It is always a good idea to improve your skills.

  1. Travel with family/ vacation

Dancers deserve vacations too. Plus, a little break never hurt anyone.

  1. Enjoy time off from school

This is DEFINITELY needed. School is great, but we can all appreciate the time off.

  1. Cheer camp

Camps are a great way to learn new skills and meet new people.

  1. Nationals

Good luck to all dancers!

  1. Pool time

This is what summer is all about. 

Hopefully, you now have some fun ideas for how you plan your summer! And be sure to follow our social media: @more_than_dancers for more fun and relatable content. Also, shout out to our awesome dance community for helping contribute to this article:





By: AJ (Intern)

Jun 3, 2022

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