6 Things Your Dance Teacher Wants You To Know

Dance teachers can be tough on us.  Have you ever been frustrated and overwhelmed during a rehearsal?  

Trust me, you’re not alone!  

It’s hard to remember that our dance teachers LOVE us, when they’re constantly giving us critiques and correcting how we dance.

Through all of the critiques, and frustration, we need to remember these s6 things that every dance teacher wants us to know! 

1. They want you to try, even if you fail.

No one ever does an aerial perfectly on the first try.

No one even does a single pirouette perfectly on the first try.

Your teacher does not expect you to execute everything perfectly on the first attempt.

Or the second. Or the third.  But they DO expect you TRY.

2. They recognize your unique talents and abilities.

Your dance teacher knows that everybody and every BODY is unique.

Maybe your turns need work, but you are extremely flexible?  Your dance teacher notices your flexibility and thinks it is amazing!

However, we as dancers need to understand that it is not our teachers job to just compliment us on what we are good at 24/7.  It’s their job to make us better!

3. They have high expectations for you.

Your teachers have made a commitment to helping you learn, just as much as you’ve made a commitment to dance.  They expect you to push yourself.  They expect you to show up to practice with a positive attitude.  They expect you to be a good teammate and friend.  And remember, they wouldn’t have these expectations of you if they did not think you are capable of them! 🙂

4. They know you have a lot on your plate besides just dance.

Your dance teachers certainly have high expectations of you, but they also understand that you are involved in other activities besides dance.  The dance studio might be where you spend most of your free time, but your dance teachers understand that you’ve made a commitment to school, youth group, volunteering, other sports teams, Art club, Spanish club, Theatre club, and of course, your family.

5. They are happy for you when you accomplish your goals.

Have you been working for months on a difficult turn combination, or mastering that new tap step?  Your dance teacher has noticed!  Keep practicing because they can’t wait to see you meet your goals.  One of the biggest joys of being a dance teacher is watching students excel!

6. They are proud of you.

Rehearsal can be tough and emotional sometimes.  Through all of the hard work, sweat, and tears, it is difficult to be positive sometimes.  You NEED to remember that your dance teachers are some of your biggest supporters.  They love you, and they are so proud of everything that you are becoming!

Dance teachers, share if you’re proud of your students!

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