5 Reasons Why Dance Parents Are The Best

We all know our parents are great, but have you ever really thought about everything that our dance moms and dance dads do for us?

It’s insane!

Go out of your way to thank them for all of the support they’ve given you during your dance career!

1. They make sure we get to every practice and every rehearsal, on time, with the correct dress code.

What would we do without the constant reminders from our parents to make sure that we have everything that we need? What would we do if they didn’t drive us to the studio every day? We are so lucky!

2. Speaking of dress code… they make sure we are fully equipped with everything we need.

Without our parents, we would never have the correct leotards, tights, shoes, and warm up clothes necessary for each specific class. This a lot to keep track of, and this is a lot of MONEY! Not to mention the fact that we outgrow our gear every year…

4. They feed us!

This one seems obvious, but seriously.  WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT FOOD. Our parents are always on the lookout to make sure we have enough to eat.  Before school, during lunch, after school snack before practice, dinner after practice, extra snacks between practice… the list goes on and on…

3. They clear their calendars for every performance, sometimes even driving HOURS just to watch us dance for 3 minutes!

Have you ever thought about how much work your parents put into making it to your performances, and you only dance for about 3 minutes?


Think about it. They seriously love you.

4. They are our #1 fans!

Through every practice, performance, convention, and competition, we know that our parents are proud of us, and want us to succeed.

Perform every routine to your fullest potential because you owe it to them!

Share to let your parents know that you


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