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What Mindset Do You Need to Become a Great Dancer

After working with 100s of dancers and teens, here is the mindset you need to become a great dancer and leader. 

Time Management for Dancers

If time management seems like a daily challenge, you are not alone! Especially during this time of quarantine for COVID-19, it can seem like you are either so busy that you lose track of time, or that you’re so bored you don’t know what to do with yourself.

Taking the Lead on Positive Social Change 

As part of Generation Z, you are probably the kind of person who wants to live a life of purpose. Research tells us that your generation has some of the most global viewpoints and accepting attitudes of all generations past, meaning that you probably see yourself as someone who can truly make a difference in the world (which is true!). 

Leading Through Stress and Anxiety During COVID Times

As a young leader, you may have felt more stress and anxiety than usual during the past eight weeks or so as limitations were placed on what you could and couldn’t do. Some of these feelings may have come on suddenly and some may have been brewing slowly over time, under the surface of your mind and body. Being a teen and being a leader means you may have felt conflicted sometimes as well, wondering how you can become stronger and also how you can positively influence others. 

Here is how to love yourself as a dancer!

Love Yourself! Live a Life of Less Stress! There are certain qualities that everyone desires in themselves, whether they realize it or not: They want to be c...

It’s Healthy, Easy, and Totally Free to Give

Gratitude is a character quality that you build over time; it’s something you develop through daily, weekly, or monthly practice, just like other skills. It is the act of showing thanks, demonstrating that you recognize the significance of someone or something in your life. Gratitude goes hand-in-hand with acts of kindness and giving back to others, whether they are people you know or strangers.

Are You a Trusted Leader?

As a dancer and performer, you find yourself frequently in leadership roles. Whether it be at your studio, school, or community, there are many skills as dan...

What is the one quality, the one behavior, that will make you a great leader?

What is the one quality, the one behavior, that will make you a great leader? Alongside empathy and active listening, kindness is a practice that has the power to impact others throughout the world! But how can it be, you might ask, that this one quality—this one behavior—can have such a big influence outside yourself? It’s because of the ripple effect.

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