4 Tips to  Grow your Dance Instagram

Instagram is a fantastic way for young dancers & artists to build their portfolio and increase their connections. What is the best way to grow your Instagram.

Here are 4 Tips to grow your Dancer Instagram account without getting blocked:

  1. TIP #1: Interact
  2. TIP #2: Dance Repost Accounts
  3. TIP #3: Geotags and Hashtags
  4. TIP #4: Instagram Stories

Let dive into each one of those tips.

Social media evolves so quickly, and both Facebook and IG roll out updates at a rapid-fire rate

>> New updates <<

New Crackdown on Bots

Here’s what this means: If they detect a “pattern of potential inauthentic behavior,” that's IG's word. They’ll be asking you to confirm the identity of your account.

If your account is flagged, IG will ask you to confirm who you are. Once this is verified with an ID, yes government ID, your account will resume as normal.

If you choose not to confirm your info, your account may be disabled or end up getting hit with reduced reach.

At some point, bot accounts are shut down, so you will have wasted your money, and IG has strict policies against it (adespresso.com).

Automatic Closed Captions Coming for IGTV Videos

Closed captions are an incredible asset to social media videos (and marketing videos in general!). They allow you to connect with your target audience much more effectively. Plenty of users choose to watch a video with the sound off, which is how it typically starts on auto-play. There are also plenty of users who are deaf or have hearing disabilities, and closed captions make the content accessible to them. (adespresso.com).

Instagram Reels is Here

Last month, we let you know that IG reels was starting to roll out. Instagram reels is now here, and has rolled out to around 50 different regions. IG scaled the new feature up quickly, anticipating high demand for it.

As a quick reminder: IG Reels is their TikTok lookalike feature, which allows users to create short, fifteen-second long videos set to background music.

With some users growing wary of TikTok due to potential security issues, this could be a great way for Dancer IG to snag some extra usage (adespresso.com).

Instagram is a fantastic way for young dancers & artists to build their portfolio and increase their connections. What is the best way to grow your Instagram supporters in the dance community? With a surplus of over 1 billion users a month and growing, it is undeniably one of the most popular social media outlets. There are multiple methods to expanding your following, hashtagging to liking, but what is the most effective?

I’m sixteen years old and I have had an Instagram account for almost 3 years. I don’t have a ton of followers but I was able to grow my account to it’s current 14,400 followers. I love social media, marketing and sharing photos, so Instagram was the perfect platform for me to share my art, make friends, and find inspiration. I think Instagram is incredible for young dancers to build your presence and portfolio. Instagram has provided me with incredible opportunities, such as representing brands, scholarships, travel opportunities, and getting to write the article you’re reading now. Here are some of my tips to help you start or grow your account:

TIP #1: Interact

Personally, connecting with people within the dance community has been one of the most effective ways I have grown my Instagram. Responding to comments on your posts, reaching out to other dancers, and building relationships will provide you with real, genuine followers, which helps increase your engagement. Leave compliments on posts you see and spread the love! It won’t go unnoticed, and some people will kindly return the favor.

TIP #2: Dance Repost Accounts

Within the dance community, we are lucky to have pages known as ‘feature accounts’ were pages with a large audience share dancer’s images. Usually, to be reposted, you tag these accounts in your photos so they can see it and decide if they would like to share your picture on their feed or not. It is an excellent opportunity for more accounts to check out your content! Some of my personal favorite accounts are @lifeoftheballerina @worldwideballet and @ballet.addiction.

How to grow a dance instagram account

How to Have a Successful Dance Instagram account
How do I get 10K follower on my dance instagram account

TIP #3: Geotags and Hashtags

Hashtags and geotags share your posts to a collection of images of people at the same location or with similar interests. Geotagging is when you tag your photo with the place you were at when you took it, and hashtagging is when you use the hashtag symbol with a word relevant to your post. These are one of the best ways to gain an audience because you are attracting people who will enjoy your posts more. Another way to utilize hashtags is to follow a relevant hashtag (such as #dancer #ballet #ballerina #dance) and to like the photos that come up.

TIP #4: Instagram Stories

Five hundred million users watch Instagram Stories daily, so if you haven’t been using them, you won’t want to miss out on this! Because of the restricted time limit (24h) on stories, people are incredibly interested and drawn to click on it because they know it won’t be around the next day. There are a lot of ways to customize your stories to your liking and share it with specific audiences. I like to use the location sticker, hashtag sticker, and the mention sticker for tagging brands! You can also connect with your audience using polls and asking them questions with Instagram’s question stickers.


What Do I Post on My Dance Instagram?

Here are 3 thing you can post to your dance instagram account:

  1. Dance photos
  2. Dance videos
  3. Anything related to dance! =)

If you want to be recognized for dance you’re going to have to post dance-related things. Maybe the occasional headshot or pretty photo of yourself is fine, but typically those photos won’t get as much engagement. This could be a photo of you doing a grand jetè by the ocean, or a video of you doing pirouettes. Professional photoshoots are also a great way to boost your profile and look more professional. (DiscountDance June 2019)

Expanding your Instagram can seem challenging, but as long as you are having fun and enjoying it, there is no doubt you will reach your goals. Wishing you all the best in growing your #dance account! If you’d like to check out my content, my Instagram is @ninanicolecockrell

Oct 2, 2020

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