As a dancer, you don’t want to be stuck for something you need at an awkward moment, such as during an audition or five minutes before you go on stage. It is important that you have all the essentials you need so that this never happens, but what is it you really need to keep in your bag?

Hair Products

Hair products are the worst thing to be rummaging around for at the eleventh hour as they are so fiddly. A bad hair day is likely to make you feel even more nervous before you perform so make sure your bag is packed with bobby pins, hair elastics, hair spray, and anything else you need to present a professional profile. 

Spare Tights

Tights are notorious for laddering or acquiring holes, usually when you least want them to. Carry a couple of spare pairs around with you in assorted colors so that you never get caught short. For those last-minute emergencies, a bottle of clear nail varnish is also a useful tool to have in your bag. Apply it to the bottom of the ladder or hole in your tights to avoid it getting worse. 


This may seem like an obvious one, but you never know what style of dance shoes you may need for an audition. You may have been told one thing but the person in charge of the audition could change their mind or want to see an additional style of dance, especially if your resume says you can do it. It is best to carry several spare styles of shoes so that you are always prepared. 

First Aid Kit

You never know where that next blister will appear but if it is very painful it can affect your performance. This is especially the case if you are wearing a new pair of dance shoes or you dance en pointe. The essential items for a dancer’s first aid kit are things such as band-aids, bandages, pain relief, and cotton wool.

Food and Drink

It is essential to carry enough water and healthy snacks to get you through the day as you may not have time to stop for a meal or even grab a sandwich from a shop. Food should include slow-release energy such as nuts and protein bars as well as fruit. 

A Hydro Flask bottle will help you to replenish the water you lose through dancing, and this means that you can stay in good shape. Also, a bottle from Hydro Flask looks great which is essential if your image is important to you. 

Makeup Bag

Dancing will make you sweat, especially if you are dancing under hot lights. No matter how carefully you apply it, your makeup can still smudge or smear. It is best to keep some make-up on hand so you can touch it up when necessary. 

A dancer may carry other things in their bag depending on their personal preference, but these are the six most essential items. 

Nov 29, 2022

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