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Jordenne Butler, a 17-year-old junior at Onalaska High School, has recently been crowned Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen.  Jordenne has been dancing for fourteen years and considers lyrical her favorite style because she loves the emotion and portraying the lyrics of a song through dance. She has used dance to give back to others because as she says, “dancing brings me so much joy, and when I dance, hopefully people see that joy and feel happy as well. After all smiling is contagious!”


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Dance has been the vehicle that has led Jordenne to self-acceptance. As she points out, “Today society has such an expectation for young girls. They have to look and act a certain way. Dancing has taught me that I am proud to be in my skin and to stand up for my beliefs and morals.” She has some advice for dancers: “Have fun! Dance is supposed to be fun! When I was younger, I used to put so much pressure on myself, and I began to not like dance because I wasn’t focusing on the fun part! Yes, you should always work hard, but you need to have fun and remember the reason why you want to dance!”

All of these beliefs have led her to build a platform for her work as Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen, which is entitled LEAP for Success. LEAP stands for leadership, empowerment, attitude, and perseverance. As Jordenne explains, “It’s all about goal setting and having the right mindset when you strive to accomplish your goals!” Growing up dancing helped Jordenne a lot with establishing her platform. Jordenne explains, “I feel in today’s society we are told how to dress, what to say, and how to act. Unfortunately, in dance we can be told to be a certain way as well, but growing up dancing, it was instilled in me that being the best YOU is the best way to be. I hope that this year I can inspire others to be happy in their skin and with who they are!”

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In the future, Jordenne would like to study broadcast journalism/public relations at Syracuse University or NYU. We know that she will be successful in anything she puts her mind to!


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