Weekly Spotlight | Alice Chase

Weekly Spotlight Alice Chase

Dance has always been an important part of my life. It is much more than just an art form, sport, or even passion. It is a home away from home, and an outlet I can carry anywhere with me. Since day one, performing has been my first love. All of these grand components (in addition to many more) are all reasons why I am chasing after a profession that also happens to be my passion. I have been dancing about fourteen years now, and I can honestly say I’d be a distinctively different individual without it. I have made lifetime friends and even family…and that is something that is accurately invaluable. I began dancing at the budding age of just two years old, and joined Allegro’s dance company seven years ago. I have been conclusively in love with competing and taking classes ever since. Thanks to Allegro’s exceptional force, I have never been more confident that I am where I belong.  

This past summer I took on an extraordinary adventure that I will never forget. I took off on a four city nationwide dance tour with Dance Olympus as a VIP staff member. At first, like any adolescent artist, I was anxious and extra cautious about my abilities and what was to be projected of me. Though such as anticipated, the faculty was outstanding, and my fellow VIP’s superbly qualified as well. But astonishingly, what was really the immense revelation to me was how my own qualifications laid on the great scheme of things. Not that I had instantaneously thought I would fall at the underside of the food chain, but as numerous of you other young artists can in all probability relate, more often than not, you are your biggest critic. As I sustained to advance and absorb my surroundings, every second I began to value what I had to call my home more than the last.

Allegro has not only catered programs that commit to making me a well-rounded dancer, but a well-rounded person. Their phenomenal staff single-handedly molded and produced who I am today. Every commentary, every critique, every kind word that I received from another artist has been a reflection of how I was raised at Allegro; and for that I could not be more grateful. Now as I take my next leaps forward into the world of professional dance, I can be confident that I have been provided with adequate training, character building, and a mind open to new adventures.


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