20 Things That Only Dancers Think About

MTD has put together moments in dance where everyone shares the same reaction, but the actions are routine for any dancer.  1. Hearing “5-6-7-8” is as comforting as your favorite childhood stuffed animal. Source: WWW.TUMBLR.COM  2. Doing a pirouette in any space 2×2′ or larger.  […]

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10 Dance Reactions We Can All Relate To

Do you ever just sit back and watch something unfold before you that you’ve seen or done over and over again? And no matter how many times it happens, you conjure up the same reaction? Well, whether it’s waiting hours on end for judges results […]

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16 Things You Actually Think During Dance Class

Check out some of More Than Dancers best takes on what people really think during dance class. 1. I’m hungry already… Source: NOYOUREOUTOFORDER.TUMBLR.COM   2. Why don’t I look like that when I go across the floor? Source: FORGIVEMEFORCARING.TUMBLR.COM   3. Look, it’s raining outside. Oh wait, now […]

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10 Dance Expectations Vs. Reality

Check out some of More Than Dancers best takes on what people think dancers do and what actually happens behind the scenes.   1. When you do five turns: Expectation: Source: YOUTUBE.COM/WTA Reality:   2. Dancing on pointe: Expectation: Source: WIFFLEGIF.COM Reality: Source: IMGUR.COM   […]

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