June Spotlight | Abby Brown

June’s spotlight shines on eleven-year-old Abby Brown. Abby belongs to both Brooke Anderson Maxwell’s Utah Dance Artists locations, one in South Jordan, Utah and the other in Draper, Utah. Dance unexpectedly impacted Abby’s life when she moved, along with her family, to another country. Abby credits the art of dance for bridging the language barrier she experienced while living in Costa Rica and creating leadership skills that will last a lifetime.

Abby began dancing at only age three and quickly found her passion. She says the studio is her second home and helps her feel comfortable and loved.

Though Abby is young, she serves as a leader in her studio spending two hours a week as an assistant dance teacher. When a teacher in Abby’s studio experienced an injury, Abby was asked to step in to help teach two preschool aged classes, in addition to her regular hours as an assistant teacher, and her own daily dance classes. All together, she was spending a total of six and a half hours of dance each day.

Abby adds, “Working so hard in one day taught me that the only way I could do it was through a good attitude. I also found out that I became a better dancer through teaching so much.”

When Abby’s family moved to Costa Rica for a year, she felt lost and misunderstood not knowing fluent Spanish. Though Abby could not understand the language, she relied on dance to communicate and make connections. “Everybody speaks Spanish there so I didn’t know what was going on around me, but I found I understood dance there! Dance does not have a language so it unites people, I made friends through just dancing.”

This year, Abby is striving to earn a spot on a competitive dance team with her studio and work her hardest for this year’s recital. After high school, she hopes to attend college to become a professional dancer. With dedication, a positive attitude, and Abby’s leadership skills, More Than Dancers knows she will go far. Best of luck to Abby and her bright future!

Abby’s Encouragement for Other Dancers:

  • Work as hard as you can to reach your goals

  • When class is tough, remember how cool the dance will look

  • Remember the fun feeling performing gives you



Created by MTD Editorial and Event Intern, Sarah Balfanz

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