July Spotlight | Katie Peterson

July Spotlight Feature
July Spotlight Feature

July Spotlight, Katie Peterson recently launched her very own dancewear company, Emmeline Dancewear!

Katie Peterson

Katie began dancing at age five and quickly fell in love with the art. Her favorite thing about dance is that it allows her to express herself and be creative. She also loves emotionally connecting with a song through movement and then sharing that connection with the audience.

While Katie is committed to her dance goals and trains at her studio 30 hours per week, dance is not her only love. She has also had an interest in sewing and designing for as long as she can remember. While in middle school, she decided to combine her two passions, and created her very first leotard. Not only did Katie enjoy the creative process of designing and sewing, the best part was that she was able to wear her creation while she danced.

Katie has taken her sewing hobby to the next level and has created her very own leotard company, Emmeline Dancewear. The inspiration behind her dancewear is her desire for dancers to feel comfortable while dancing. She hopes to help others focus on their dancing and not worry about what they are wearing.


One of the most valuable lessons Katie has discovered along her journey is that the best way to learn is by doing. She encourages other dancers, “Don’t be afraid to try. If something doesn’t work out, that doesn’t mean it failed. Figure out why it didn’t work and learn from the experience. Also, don’t hesitate to ask others who might be able to help you out.”

Emmeline Dancewear is a beautiful depiction of the wisdom Katie shares. As a self-taught seamstress, Katie’s trials and errors, paired with her positive attitude and perseverance have led her to where she is today. Katie currently has six leotard styles which are available for purchase on her Etsy shop.


After high school, Katie aspires to join a professional dance company while she continues to grow her business. Katie has unquestionably shown she is a self-starter with the tenacity and enthusiasm to accomplish anything she sets her mind to. We can’t wait to see all she achieves in the future!  


Katie’s Tips for Dancers:

  • Don’t be afraid to set high goals for yourself. Just because they are hard doesn’t mean they’re not possible.  

  • Make sure your goals are your own and not someone else’s hopes or desires for you. You have to want them and you have to put in the work to make them a reality.

  • Surround yourself with people who support your goals and dreams.  It’s so much easier and it gives you a lot more confidence when you have people backing you up and supporting you.


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