Custom Leos

Welcome to a new year full of new chances, new opportunities, and new leos! Nothing says a fresh start like new dancewear; and in today’s world you can create your own “perfect” leo. From style to fabric to lining, you can design pieces that will emphasize your inner beauty and personality!

We have gathered some of our favorite companies that offer custom dancewear pieces. Check them out and tell us what your favorite custom dancewear brand is!

Perhaps the most popular brand of custom leos, Yumiko continues to make a name for itself throughout the dance world. The brand offers customizable dancewear for men, women, and kids. The company gives options of solid colored nylon, techni, mesh, velvet, and microfiber. Also, there are options for lining, leg cut variations, and sleeve lengths. While these leotards are beautiful they can be costly. We suggest buying from a YumiGirl to save 15% and receive free shipping!

Eleve Dancewear offers both classical leotard styles and bold, modern styles. Additionally, there are many options of materials such as velvet and even patterned mesh. These custom leos, shorts, and skirts are sure to make you stand out in an audition or at a convention! Also, if you are in a hurry the brand carries many pre-made items that are sure to make you standout during the spring audition season.

Founded by two former professional dancers (who are also sisters!), Luckyleo Dancewear truly knows about creating a one-of-a-kind leotard. Not only are these leos made with unique floral patterns, they are designed and produced in Denver, Colorado. Check them out!

The lace detailing on many of these leotards will make you feel just as gorgeous as you are! Class In offers various customizable designs that are sure to emphasize your elegant ballet lines Another bonus of these leotards is their smooth lines which makes them perfect for everyday class.

LaBella Dancewear creates many designs that are customizable to various degrees. From lace overlays to ombre fabrics, each leo created is completely unique. We’re not sure about you, but don’t you think these leos would create a magnificent solo costume?!

While there are many awesome companies creating lovely leos, let’s not forget about the individual artist and designers that create wonderful pieces. Some of our favorite Etsy artists are Yukitard, Barreto Dancewear, and Emmeline Dancewear. A unique upside of Etsy is having the ability to contact the designer directly. Some designers are even open to creating pieces from your sketches! There are endless opportunities for designing your own pieces, so best wishes in your creating endeavors!

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