7 Struggles Only a Dancer Understands

Sweat, heart, and tears are what make up a dancer. We know that you put all of these things into being the best dancer you can be. But if you are like us, some of these things that make you a dancer are very strange. […]

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10 REAL Reasons You Dance

There are probably a handful of reasons why you decided to dance. Whether it was from your parents placing you in class when you were young or deciding in high school to try out for the dance team. But, do you ever stop and think […]

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Valentine’s Day Memes For Dancers

Roses are red, violets are blue, unlike boys, dance won’t disappoint you! 1. See, it could always be worse. 2. And then maybe we could meet up for some fondu. 3. I dedicate these candy sweethearts to all my dance friends. 4. And then grand jeté […]

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Can You Guess The 10 Things Dancers Are Always Losing?

Raise your hand if you managed to misplace at least one dance accessory during competition season? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Between quick changes and hours of downtime…dancers are bound to lose at least one dance-related item. Do you ever wonder what some of the most […]

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