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MTD Spotlight: Brooke Lucas
MTD Spotlight: Brooke Lucas

Marquette Catholic High School sophomore, Brooke Lucas, 16, is one of only 40 dancers from around the world accepted to the ArchCore 40 Dance Intensive this summer in New York City. ArchCore 40 is for the seriously dedicated dance student; those lucky few who are accepted must be well-versed in ballet, contemporary, hip hop, and jazz. This is an amazing honor for such a young dancer.

“It still hasn’t set in yet,” she said. “I mean I know it’s going to happen, but it hasn’t really sunk in.”

Not only has she been accepted into ArchCore 40, but she was accepted to the Joffrey School of Ballet’s summer intensive program as well.

Brooke has been taking dance classes since she was 2 and a half according to her mother, GiGi Lucas. She is currently a student at DK Dance Productions in Florissant, Missouri. She has danced there for nine years under the tutelage of her cousin and godmother, Darci Ward. She currently dances about 15 hours a week.

Brooke credits her success as a dancer to her parents, GiGi and Rod, and her grandmother, Mary Christen.  Brooke said that she eventually wants to be a professional dancer in New York.

“It’s a crazy dream,” she said. “When I get older, I want to go to New York and dance. This feels like a dream come true for seven weeks.”

Brooke Lucas will be back in town soon, just in time to begin her junior year at Marquette and her 10th season at DK Dance Productions. We can’t wait to hear about her experience! Way to go, Brooke!

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