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We have said it before, but we will say it again: DANCERS ARE BUSY!

Sometimes we don’t even have time to change into our dance clothes after a day at the beach. But no worries, because here are 5 items to take you from street (or beach) to studio in a matter of seconds.

Five Dancewear Trio Leo, $72

First off, we are in love with this leotard and all the different color options it comes in. Secondly, why not pull a leo off as a swimsuit? Genius. Pair this leo with a high waisted jean skirt, a messy top knot, and some leather sandals. Nobody will know that you are headed to the studio after a day in the sun.

Madewell Bandana, $12.50

Bandanas are back. And checkout all the chic patterns they come in now, no more plain paisley. Tie a bandana onto your beach tote or wear it as a scarf to send off some french vibes-iOui! Then when it is time to hit the dance floor, fold the bandana into a stylish headband to keep the wispies away.

Athleta Breathe Shortie, $59

Fashionable and functional. These shorts are made from ultra-soft, sustainable materials. So, not only will you feel amazing wearing them, but also the earth will thank you too. The mesh inserts add style but also will keep you cool during an intense rehearsal. Also, who doesn’t love shorts with pockets?

La-ta-da Tassel Hair Ties, $7.99

A bracelet and a hair tie in one. YES, please. These cute tassel hair ties will add personality to any summer outfit, and when it is time to dance just toss your hair up. For the artsy individual, pick-up tassels and beads at your local craft store and sew them on to any hair tie for a personalized hair tie/bracelet.

Lululemon It’s a Tie Tank, $38

We are totally here for the duality of this tank. Tie it in the back when you are busy sweating it out in the studio; and wrap it in the front and pull on some white shorts when you are ready to hit the beach. Also, it is made with lightweight material meant to keep you cool all summer long.

Thanks, Lululemon!

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