20 Things That Would Happen If Dancers Ran The World


1. Political debates would include a dance battle portion.


2. And the audience at these events would show support like this.

Source: www.bet.com

3. School would start at noon because…late nights at the studio.

Source: giphy.com/insideamyschumer

4. Doctors would deliver news like this.

Source: thegiflibrary.tumblr.com

5. Olympic medals would be Double Platinum, Platinum and Titanium (sometimes)…just to confuse everyone during the award ceremony.


6. The 6 o’clock news would look like this every night.

Source: imgur.com

7. Cleaning would be way more fun.

Source: www.reddit.com

8. All animals would do this.


9. Track events would include straight knees and winged feet.

Dance track

10. A gunshot at the beginning? No. Everything would be counted off with a 5-6-7-8.


11. Nutrition labels would look like this.

Ballet Dancer Nutrition Label

12. Escalator rides would go a little something like this.

Source: moviegifss.tumblr.com

13. There would be no war, only dance-offs.

Source: perezhilton.com

14. NFL Sunday would have a whole new artistic element.

Football dancer
Source: theodysseyonline.com

15. Nigel, Paula and Jason would help you put haters in their place.

Source: fox.tv/sytycd

16. Walking down the street would never be boring.

Source: gifsdancingtomusic.tumblr.com

17. Motivational pep talks would look like this.

Source: ftw.usatoday.com

18. No caption needed.

Source: www.reddit.com

19. Every refrigerator would have a penché attached.

Dancer in kitchen

20. Seeing this on the subway would be NBD.

Ballerina subway
Source: brigitteferrara.tumblr.com Visit

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