18 Tweets That Anyone Who Dances Will Find Hilariously Relatable

1. Thanks for growing up right along with me, Apple.

2. It’s like some law of the universe.

3. New jam🎧🎶

4. “Oh, is that not normal? I hardly even notice it.”

5. Just let me dream.

6. Santa, I’m good all year🙏🏽🎄🎁

7. B+🎉

8. To be fair, gravity doesn’t work quite the same under water.

9. I’ll never understand how some people can just SIT THERE while listening to their favorite song.

10. I’m gonna need to do some running flaps at the very least.

11. Bye, new tights! See ya never👋🏽

12. I swear, I used to be good at this.

13. I’ll email my principal.

14. Yeah, I only dance every single day but nbd.

15. Let’s make this happen.

16. Easy? Okay, let me see you do it.

17. Okay, just give me 3 hours to figure it out quick.

18. The problem is really those celebrity photoshoots when they pretend they’re dancers🙈

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Dance Bingo

Dance Bingo


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