17 Fears Of Dance Team Competition

15 Fears Of Dance Competition

1. When you look in your dance bag and can’t find your bloomers.

Source: http://giphy.com/viceprincipals

2. Or when you’re about to take the stage and you can’t get a piercing out.

Source: www.youtube.com

3. You know that surge of panic when you’re on deck and you can’t get a ring off your finger. 

Source: www.hulu.com

4. And you’ve heard “What if something is wrong with the music?!?” at least 800 times.

Source: www.youtube.com

5. OMG when you totally forget to run to the bathroom…and now you are about to do a very large number of toe touches throughout the next two minutes.

Source: www.youtube.com

6. That’s typically when you also suddenly forget the entire dance.

Source: makeagif.com

7. And, honestly, who hasn’t looked at their friend and said in a panic, “What if I drop a pom??”

Source: lotsofkpopgifs.tumblr.com

8. Or wondered what would happen if you just straight up forgot your poms and were forced to hold onto your teammates’ scraps.

Source: youtube

9. Sometimes your imagination runs really wild and you picture yourself falling and taking everyone down with you.

Source: www.gifbay.com

10. It’s also pretty terrifying when you land your triple pirouette and can feel your headpiece slipping over your eyes.

Source: bigbrother.channel5.com

11. And when you realize you’re a little too close to the edge of the stage for comfort…

Source: www.usmagazine.com

12. Perhaps the greatest fear of all: Screwing up your favorite part of the dance when you are finally front and center.

Source: swww.reddit.com

13. Let’s not forget turning with a runny nose. Snot…EVERYWHERE.

Source: www.reddit.com

14. A wardrobe malfunction when a costume change is choreographed into the routine…the worst.

Source: www.youtube.com

15. When you know a formation change is coming up…your mind completely goes blank and you can’t remember which direction to walk. 

Source: www.popsugar.com.au

16. What if you’re the ONE that messes up the counts on the ripple?

Source: youtube.com/fallontonight

17. Last but not least, when you’re dancing so hard you think you might die before the song ends.

Source: reddit.com

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